About Us

CallSpin LLC is a web service that empowers end users to send and receive pre-recorded phone-calls to recipients they specify.  CallSpin was founded in 2008 as a proof-of-concept, and has grown into a full fledged service that has spawned several different sites and placed millions of calls.  All of our services are free or cost a small fee.  As you can imagine, each month we pay a walloping phone bill, so we gladly accept donations as small contributions for services our users enjoy.

Our sites help people to:
Send birthday wishes to their loved ones
Send a wake up call to their phones
Send a sweet holiday greeting from Santa or the Elf
Send a moment of laughter to a friend
Send a reminder call about a dentist appointment or a pill to take

Using our Sites to Harass People
We take abuse very seriously, and cooperate fully with law enforcement should a user misuse our sites to harass or irritate others. If you have received an unwanted call from one of our sites, we invite you to block all future calls by adding your phone number(s) to our DO NOT CALL list. You can also block calls coming from any CallSpin site by blocking our number, (858) 225-7702, on your phone. We apologize if any calls placed through CallSpin sites were an inconvenience to you. We appreciate your understanding and thank you for placing your number on our DO NOT CALL list if that was the case.